20 November 2016

Chest of drawer upcycling 2/2

Further finishing upcycling the chest of drawers, I've updated the drawer knobs with champagne corks. The upcycling of this piece of furniture is now officially completed.

This is before, with miss-matching knobs.

Nice but not quite right.

And not with champagne corks! 
They are a mixture of bottles and provenience from our own reserve and also from F1 wins.

13 September 2015

Cute pumps

These pink/nude pumps were a needed purchased. I'd lost a plastic heel cover on my left shoes and had to pop to town for something and I had not spare pair with me. I didn't want to damage my shoes further so I was forced (oh, such a drag) to buy new shoes.

It actually is a drag as I'm really picky with shoes. I'm not particularly keen to go shopping for shoes as many trips end-up fruitless. Online shopping is nearly impossible as I have to try them. It too miss rather than hit.

I purchased these pumps which had a little feeble pink matching bow. Then I happen to stumble on a tutorial to add a bow. A trip to the haberdashery later, some hot glue for the fabric and multipurpose glue to stick on the shoe and voià ! 

 I cannot stop looking at my feet when I walk. It's like I'm 7 again with patent shoes.

24 July 2015

Chest of drawer upcycling 1/2

This chest of drawers fitted perfectly in my flat, besides the fact it was pine. Not sure why I don't like pine. I like the smell but not its softness (dents easily) or its colour (too light or not dark enough).
The good thing is that is it good value and one can paint it!

Sanding is dead easy with a sander. I love it and it means I can play with my power tools. 
Panting is great to change the outlook of a piece that didn't quite fit in now. 

This chest of drawer is now sitting close to a pine double bed which has had the very same treatment a few years' back. Matching bed and chest of drawers for less than £150, what else could I dream for?
I also jazzed it up with mismatching drawer knobs. 

The 3rd picture shows impressive brush marks which were the result of warm weather, thick paint and bad brush. After primer + 2 coats (4th picture) I decided to lightly sand the beast and paint it with a mini roller. Why oh why didn't I do this in the first place: a great result for a fraction of the time.

One last tweak was completed since this post. To see the fully finished item, click here.

17 July 2015

Kate's pendant

Unique birthday present for a special lady.
Keeping her in, mind I choose the lampwork bead and thought about keeping the wire rough but polished at the same time.
I didn't know if I'd liked it to start with. However since I'm not the wearer, it doesn't matter. 
Kate liked it!

10 July 2015

New home, bunting time

All the boxes are unpacked - which is a feat in itself - but no sign of the bunting! What a shame, it took me hours to make a really long string of it.
A new home needs bunting! 
Presto pronto here's a small sting made with shirting material and ...erm... some shirts very kindly donated by my dad. Sssshhhh, he doesn't know and hopefully won't recognise the material.

7 July 2015

Fabric box for Cards against Humanity

For those who do not know the very irreverent card game "Cards against Humanity", do check it out.
The rules are really easy and you can make each as twisted as you wish.
Under the Creative Commons licence, they allow users to print their cards for non-commercial use. That's pretty nifty.

This origami box was made for a great friend of mine. You should check is stuff too: http://throughwoodeneyes.tumblr.com/ 

The outer fabric is light wool and shirting on the inside.

5 July 2015

Lavender bags for the cupboards

I am blessed with a steady supply of organic lavender. Which also means I wait far too long to do something with it. To remedy this, and use up some scraps of stripy fabric, here's some hangable bags for coat hangers.

Gosh, putting together two of my favorite things.
I cannot contain my excitement !