23 March 2015

Make-up remover pads - tutorial

I'm trying my hardest to limit our household consumption and subsequent waste. 
It doesn't feel right to use cotton wool for anything else than using antiseptic. The rest can be done with washable cloth, for instance removing cosmetic products.

There are many tutorials out there, have a look around for the one that is clearest to you. I'll attempt to show the steps I followed and used up some leftover terry towel and funky cotton fabric.

Each pad has 2 faces: terry towel & nice patterned cotton

1. Tracing circles has never been easier than finding a jar lid and a pen!
Trace as many as you wish in terry towel and cotton. 7 would be a good start, one for each day.

2. Pin both sides together, wrong side against wrong side.

3. I used the overlock stitch on my sewing machine and it did wonders. If you have no such stitch, a wide and tight zigzag will be great too.
I've chosen against using the overlocker as managing corners has never been an easy job. These pads are a series of corners, not good for most overlockers.

4. Ta daaaam. Admire your amazing work and find a pretty box to keep them.
A glass jar with a gold lid, perfect!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this in the comments on my site this week. They look absolutely fantastic. I'm no seamstress but I think even I could manage these, Thanks for the inspiration!