24 July 2015

Chest of drawer upcycling 1/2

This chest of drawers fitted perfectly in my flat, besides the fact it was pine. Not sure why I don't like pine. I like the smell but not its softness (dents easily) or its colour (too light or not dark enough).
The good thing is that is it good value and one can paint it!

Sanding is dead easy with a sander. I love it and it means I can play with my power tools. 
Panting is great to change the outlook of a piece that didn't quite fit in now. 

This chest of drawer is now sitting close to a pine double bed which has had the very same treatment a few years' back. Matching bed and chest of drawers for less than £150, what else could I dream for?
I also jazzed it up with mismatching drawer knobs. 

The 3rd picture shows impressive brush marks which were the result of warm weather, thick paint and bad brush. After primer + 2 coats (4th picture) I decided to lightly sand the beast and paint it with a mini roller. Why oh why didn't I do this in the first place: a great result for a fraction of the time.

One last tweak was completed since this post. To see the fully finished item, click here.

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