2 October 2013

Tutorial: Snuggly apples

I love sewing. It is creative, fabrics provide an unlimited play-field and one can make a whole outfit in a matter of hours.
However, I've always been very impressed by knitters. The agility and dexterity it takes to knit is amazing.
Next to this comes crochet. My mum is an avid "crochet-ress" and finds it very easy.

I stumble upon pictures of apples snuggled into crocheted cozies. One might thought "why would you do that?" or "what is it for?" I'd answer because I can and because it is fun.

The aim is not to make thousands of cosies, even if a late night discussion with a friend when onto hypothesising making cosies for bananas, which really need protection, with pon-pons.

This apple cosy project is very easy and can uses up yarn left-overs. It
  • chain 6
  • close the loop
  • do a single crochet until you've covered up your loop. The place where you end your loop and where the tail of the start of your work can be seen is the mark for the start of each row.
  • Let's start increasing the width of your spiral: do two single crochet into each space created by the previous row
  • do a row of single crochet
  • Now depending on the curvature of your apple, you might only want to only increase 1 out of 3 single crochets
  • do a row of single crochet
  • to create the opening, instead of keeping the spiral going, stop at the marker of the start of the next row and turnaround
  • to create the button hole, chain to cover the width of the button you'd like to use
  • secure the yarn
  • stitch the button


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