13 September 2015

Cute pumps

These pink/nude pumps were a needed purchased. I'd lost a plastic heel cover on my left shoes and had to pop to town for something and I had not spare pair with me. I didn't want to damage my shoes further so I was forced (oh, such a drag) to buy new shoes.

It actually is a drag as I'm really picky with shoes. I'm not particularly keen to go shopping for shoes as many trips end-up fruitless. Online shopping is nearly impossible as I have to try them. It too miss rather than hit.

I purchased these pumps which had a little feeble pink matching bow. Then I happen to stumble on a tutorial to add a bow. A trip to the haberdashery later, some hot glue for the fabric and multipurpose glue to stick on the shoe and voià ! 

 I cannot stop looking at my feet when I walk. It's like I'm 7 again with patent shoes.

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