18 September 2013

Celebration flags or just an expression of joy? Bunting!

There are some days where the phrase "just because I can" is just what is needed.
Bunting is used to celebrate. In the UK, bunting was everywhere for the Queen's Jubilee, for the birth of Prince Georges, it's even used for football matches.
This bunting stemmed from a long-thought project and because the right material happen to cross my path.

I happen to put my hands on my dad's old shirts from when he was a young man (ssssshhhhhh!). They are a lovely light cotton with stripes - striiiipes, you hear me squeal. I did my best to pass them on to equally worthy men, however the sheerness of the fabric is a little dated.

So, out of pure selflessness and to follow my own values of re-using whenever I can, I took the executive decision to transform them into bunting. Obviously my dad knows nothing of what has happened to his shirts and will never know about, right?!

Bunting is real simple, you need:
- fabric cut into triangles
- some sort of tape to pin those triangle onto

Since the fabric is a very light cotton, I decided to stitch two triangle together to avoid fraying and give each triangle more firmness.

I used a fairly thick cotton tape. I love it.

Felicity proudly displaying the yards and yards of bunting.
Once the triangles were cut, the longest two bits where stitching them together, there were more than 20. And then ironing them flat. This is where the BBC iPlayer comes into play, although only available to this with a UK IP address.

Are we done? How many more of these evil triangles to stitch?

I had 4 different patterns and laid them out on the floor to pin them in the correct order.

Flower power

Pinned, ready to be stitched.

The last touch: stitching
To the question "What are you celebrating with this bunting?" I answer "Striiiipes".

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