6 November 2013

The Kelly bag

My crafty friend Kelly was having a mid-week birthday dinner and I happened to be really itching to do some more lingerie bags using the pattern on Jeni's blog.

These bags are particularly useful as a frequent travel with cabin luggage only, customs have a habbit to search many bags bags. Underwear will usually find a way to sneak out of the suitcase at the most inopportune moment. I don't like displaying my undies to fellow travelers...or to most people come to that actually. With this bag, they're safely herded together and managed!

The pictures are not that good, it took them too quickly as I was already late for Kelly's party. And yes I decided on that day to make the bag for the evening whilst being at work all day.
The fabric comes from a swap meet and happens to coordinate pretty well.

The two shapes have been cut by hand, ironed onto some interfacing and then stitched onto the bag.  You could really do any shape you want, the sky and the bag's size the limit. 
Well, do think that you'll have to stitch it on afterwards. So maybe avoid to thin and intricate designs for a quick project.

The dimensions are 24cm wide onto 31cm high. I'm thinking about making more for Christmas. 

Hang on to your knickers, the lingerie bags are arriving!

Finished, with no minutes to spare...Well, 15 min. late.

Cute, isn't?
Underside of the stitched undies with a funky stitch

Happy birthday Kellyyyyyyyy!

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